The Soft Machine - The Soft Machine

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Debut album by the English rock band The Soft Machine (named after William S. Burroughs' novel), one of the best known exponents, along with Caravan, of the "Canterbury Sound". This masterpiece was released in 1968 and features the trio of Robert Wyatt (drums & vocals), Mike Ratledge (organ & piano), and Kevin Ayers (bass, vocals & piano). This was the only album by the band showcasing Ayers. Additional personnel includes bassist Hugh Hopper (who would later become a permanent member after Ayer's departure), and the NYC vocal group The Cake. The Soft Machine was one of the first albums recorded at the legendary Manhattan studios The Record Plant, which had been inaugurated with Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladyland that same year. The album was given a 5-star rating on AllMusic by reviewer Richie Unterberger. The group is considered one of the most influential underground bands of their era.