Thin Lizzy - Live & Dangerous

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Die-hard Thin Lizzy fans have been known to exchange blows arguing whether Jailbreak or Live and Dangerous truly represents the band's supreme achievement. For devotees of the band's stage prowess it's a no-brainer: Live and Dangerous was, is, and always will be king of the mountain. Recorded at the height of the band's creative powers as well as its commercialpeak, the album offers energised performances of the band's best-known material, reeled out in confident swagger. Even the more obscure material (The Rocker) and surprising cover songs (Bob Seger's Rosalie) stand with sturdy pride next to the band's more celebrated material (the galloping Cowboy Song, the summer anthem The Boys are Back in Town, and the tension filled Jailbreak. The '70s may have been a decade too often filled with bloated and pompous arena rock, but Live and Dangerous is a reminder that there was ambitious and arresting rock 'n' roll to be found as well.