Vanishing Twin - Choose Your Own Adventure

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If you miss Stereolab or Broadcast then this is for you. Totally fantastic and you'll fall in love instantly with the songs, groove and style. Oblique pop ensemble Vanishing Twin formed in 2015 over a love of unusual instruments, freaky records and the irresistible seduction of A Good Groove. Founder Orlando, after releasing a string of conceptual cassettes on her own RAM* label, put a band together and named it for her other self, a twin absorbed and internalised in utero when they were both still a cluster of cells. She is joined by drummer Valentina Magaletti (Tomaga, Shit and Shine, Raime, Neon Neon), bassist Susumu Mukai (A.K.A. primitive electronic producer Zongamin), library music head Phil M.F.U. (Man From Uranus) on strange sounds, and film-maker and visual artist Elliott Arndt on flute and percussion. Last year the band teamed up with producer Malcolm Catto (Heliocentrics, Gaslamp Killer) and wrapped their songs in layers of otherness and sub-aquatic obscurity. The resulting debut LP is released on Soundway.