Various - Brown Acid: The Fifth Trip

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The hits just keep coming‰ÛÓfor this fifth lysergic journey, Riding Easy assembles ten heavy slabs of obscure rock the likes of which have never been seen before‰Û_ not in this form, anyhow. And as usual, the tracks from these impossibly rare records have all been fully cleared through the artists themselves. Great lengths were gone to in order to get the best possible master sources, the worst case scenario being an original 45. The legendary Captain Foam kicks off this trip like an anvil to your skull with a rollicking stomper sounding like The Who with Matt Pike‰۪s thunderous guitar tone. ‰ÛÏNo Reason‰۝ wasn‰۪t easy to find, but lo and behold, the super sleuths located him and got his blessing to include the A-side of his sole single. Good luck finding an original copy of the record. It‰۪s rarer than raw beef‰ÛÓand that‰۪s just the tip of the iceberg. The other nine tracks continue the onslaught in typical Brown Acid form: George Brigman‰۪s charmingly disjointed bedroom-fi production of ‰ÛÏBlowin‰۪ Smoke,‰۝ Finch‰۪s way out of time and place grungeadelic anthem ‰ÛÏNothing In The Sun,‰۝ Cybernaut‰۪s heavy prog, Fargo‰۪s hallucinogenic BBQ-sauce soaked ‰ÛÏAbaddon,‰۝ Mammoth‰۪s fittingly beefy eponymous riff-monger, Flasher‰۪s ‰ÛÏIcky Bicky‰۝ boogie, Ohio-based screamers Lance, Zebra‰۪s gritty rendition of ‰ÛÏHelter Skelter‰۝ and finally, the mysterious and previously unheard Thor appears here exclusively and for the first time ever with their unknown 45 track ‰ÛÏLick It.‰۝åÊ

LP - coloured vinyl