Various - Mighty R&B Instrumentals Two-Parters

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R&B Instrumentals have had a pretty raw deal from CD compilers. You either get the famous Side One on its own, or occasionally both sides squeezed together with a two-second gap between them, so DJs need two copies in order to play them consecutively. Here for the first time are a bunch of fab instrumental records heard in all their unfettered glory, just as the musicians played them in the studio but never previously heard on record. The full five minutes ‰ÛÒ no gaps, no clicks ‰ÛÒ all the music. Instrumental two-parters, like it says on the tin. Enjoy responsibly. Side One: The Boogie Twist - Cal Valentine & The Texas Rockers 1962,åÊ Swingin‰۪ Peter Gunn - Jimmy Nolen 1959, How About It - Big Bo Thomas & The Arrows 1964, Night Stroll - Harry Lewis 1962, Tubby - James Booker 1962. Side Two: Driving Home - Charles Walker 1965, Let‰۪s Jam Again - Bobby Gregg & His Friends 1962, Sticks & Stones - Gene Ludwig 1963, Hangout - Sonny Thompson 1961, Slow Freight - Bill Elliot Combo 1961