Various - Underground Wave 7"s

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180 gr vinyl. Unique collection of ultra rare early 80's new wave and electro singles. Belgian, Dutch and American artists. Again a unique compilation by Walhalla Records, following the widely acclaimed ‰ÛÒ and sold out Underground Wave series. 4 albums released so far, and counting. This time Walhalla presents a fine collection of ultra rare cult singles, originaly released as vinyl 7‰۝ during the early Eighties. Minimal, electro, synth, new wave ‰Û_by mostly Belgian artists with an exception for the Dutch Cult Hero Ton Lebbink and the American The Marina Swingers. Also fascinating ‰Û÷early works‰۪ by future well known artists such as Luc Crabbe (Betty Goes Green), Kloot Per W and Dirk Swartenbroekx a.k.a Buscemi.

Side A 1) Tipical Me: Claustrofobian (03:04) 2) Solid State: Recalling You (03:36) 3) Van Lukas: The Riot (03:02) 4) Karman: Poker (03:33) 5) Silent Corner: Number One (03:18) 6) Bene Gesserit: Kidnapping (03:36) 7) Kloot Per W: l‰۪Europe (04:01).

Side B 1) Tipical Me: Pope No Hope (03:58) 2) Rive Gauche: Friends Are Friends (02:56) 3) Vitor Hublot: J‰۪ai Perdu Mon Oiseau (04:05) 4) Kaa Antilope: The Break Of Day (03:01) 5) Ton Lebbink: VoetbalknieÌÇn (04:03) 6) Marina Swingers: I‰۪m A Swinger (03:26) 7) 701 Triangles: Esther (02:47)