Various - Wild Streak Rock n' Roll

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"Rock n Roll is part of a test to undermine the morals of the youth of our nation. It is sexualistic, unmoralistic and brings people of both races together."

So said the North Alabama White Citizens Council in the 50s, with perhaps their finest advert to the youth of America. What teenager wouldn't want to have their morals undermined in a sexualistic fashion? This killer Rock n Roll vinyl set was compiled by Radio DJ and TV presenter Mark Lamarr, for Vee-Tone Records. Wild Streak Rock n Roll features 18 rare and obscure 50s rockers from a cross section of artists and labels, from majors to small independents. Featuring some of the wildest Rock n Roll ever laid to wax, from primitive indie rockers to high production major label releases.

Limited edition, 500 copies only. Compilation and liner notes by Radio DJ and TV presenter Mark Lamarr; Full colour inner sleeve with original 45 label shots.