75 Dollar Bill - Wood / Metal / Plastic / Pattern / Rhythm / Rock

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At last the European release of one of 2016‰۪s most acclaimed albums. 75 Dollar Bill‰۪s second full-length crashed onto many of last year‰۪s most prestigious ‰ÛÏBest Album‰۝ lists: The Wire, Uncut, The Village Voice/Pazz & Jop (and more).

The NYC based duo of Rick Brown and Che Chen, creates hypnotic, pulsing music that weaves an ecstatic line from raw electric blues, Arabic modes and entrancing folk minimalism back to the streets of New York.

This record differs from the last in a big way, and they brought in reinforcements! Over their few years together, Che and Rick have frequently had friends play with us at some of our gigs. There have been all sorts of permutations of instruments and some great friends/players who don‰۪t all appear on this record but here they are lucky to have a bunch of them: Cheryl Kingan (of The Scene Is Now) on baritone and alto saxes, Andrew Lafkas (of Todd Capp‰۪s Mystery Train) on contrabass, Karen Waltuch (of Zeke & Karen) on viola, Rolyn Hu (of True Primes) on trumpet and Carey Balch (of Knoxville‰۪s Give Thanks) on floor tom. 75 Dollar Bill‰۪s plans for the future involve much more playing with these friends and others in bigger and smaller combos ‰ÛÒ as well as Rick and Che stripped back to the core guitar and crate duo.åÊ

‰ÛÏNew York‰۪s 75 Dollar Bill are an astonishingly potent next stage in an ongoing cultural exchange‰Û_magnificent; like a gnawa ritual that‰۪s been convened by Junior Kimbrough.‰۝ ‰ÛÒ Uncut (75 Best Albums of 2016, #32)

‰ÛÏThe instrumental duo of Che Chen and Rick Brown have been blowing minds on the East Coast live circuit with little more than an electric guitar and a wooden crate rhythm section.‰۝ ‰ÛÒ The Wire (Releases of the Year, #16)

"Gloriously mind-frying, ritualistic splatter of Zen blues and Arabic and African musicinfluenced riff-rock repetition that shows Brown and Chen expanding their lineup with sax, violin, bass and second guitar. The sound may be bigger with a sweeter shine yet it remains unmistakably 75 Dollar Bill: epically shambolic, thrifty and jazzy guitarscapes dripping of ecstatic hypnotism." ‰ÛÒ The Observer (The Best Experimental Albums of 2016 - So Far)