Amon Düül - Paradieswärts Düül

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In 1968 the Münchner Kommune, formed in 1967, had applied to Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser, the organizer of the Essen Songtage, for a gig there. When the Düüls arrived in Essen, already two bands of this name in the meantime, since 3 members had split off and now called themselves Amon Düül II. "Paradieswärts Düül" was released in 1971, it's the third album of this outfit. Recorded in 1970, Amon Düül's only album for Ohr was a visionary slice of acid-folk which has gained cult status as years passed by. Ritualistic folk-rock, pastoral hippie songs, stoned jams, Eastern flavours, mystical passages and heavy hypnotic riffing

Transferred from the original analog tapes at Dierks Studios and carefully re-mastered.