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For those that have ever ruminated on the possibilities of using wasps as weapons, biological immortality, or Janet Street Porter‰۪s teeth ‰ÛÒ you are not alone. And here is your soundtrack.

BAIT is the sound of industrial machines playing ping-pong in the back of a stolen XR3i tearing down the Autobahn. BAIT is the sound of surfing into a concrete wall, to the soundtrack of the monotonous bip of the U Boat radar. BAIT is no mere band. BAIT is no simple record. BAIT is an art project consisting of ex-members of BADDIES, current members of ASYLUMS, and producer of esoteric electronica M R E.

BAIT‰۪s album will be released on Southend‰۪s emerging Cool Thing Records, responsible for spawning BBC 6 Music and Radio X favourites Asylums, The Horse Heads, and Becky Margaret. Michael and Luke have reversed their Asylums duties, with Luke in charge of the bass guitar and Michael forming the mouthpiece of BAIT.

Like an unholy science experiment that has spliced the genes of Killing Joke and Sleaford Mods, BAIT‰۪s self-titled album is a 21st century post-punk classic in waiting. Excavating deep into Michael‰۪s psyche and blasting it out through a wall of speakers, BAIT is a complex tapestry of humour, anger, determination, fear, selfies, identical twins, and disobedient elephants.