Best Friends - Hot. Reckless. Totally Insane

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The album, which was recorded at Unwound Recordings (London) and mixed and produced by Adam Jaffrey, unleashed by fuzz of 'Shred Til You're Dead' - garnering the group shouts in NME and DIY, amongst a host of others - and offering a glimpse of what Best Friends have been cooking up. Single 'Fake Spit' shows that despite a seemingly effortless ability to kick things up through absorbing, head-shaking rhythm a more melodic-wrapped approach also rests in their arsenal. Their debut record; birthed from early Best Friends recordings that produced tangible swathes of fuzz pierced with melody as the band sought to aurally emulate the workings of the Navajo rug makers, known for purposely weaving mistakes into their unique and complex patterns to remind us all that only the divine can achieve perfection. Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of WWF, a full set of achievements on Mario Kart and several crates of beer, the band have been delving deep ever since to reach your most primal instincts since.

LP - The first pressing of the LP is on super limited 3 colour splatter vinyl. Plus Download.