black midi - Hellfire

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black midi’s new album Hellfire will be released on 15th July. Hellfire builds on the melodic and harmonic elements of Cavalcade, while expanding the brutality and intensity of their debut, Schlagenheim. It is their most thematically cohesive and intentional album yet.

Available on black, or clear red vinyl

Limited flexi disc available for pre-orders, whilst stocks last*

*Flexi: “Live at Electrical Audio, Recorded by Steve Albini”

In November 2021, at the end of their celebrated US tour, black midi recorded a live album with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago capturing songs from across their catalogue. 6 of those songs will be pressed on 6 Flexi Discs (one song each), which will individually be available with a limited number of album pre-orders from specific retailers.