Bo Ningen - III

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Bo Ningen - III double LP, includes CD copy on Stolen Recordings

‰Û÷III‰۪ is a rich and accomplished album that has seen Bo Ningen evolve musically and illustrates a group with a singular vision, reaching for what they define as ‰Û÷pure music‰۪, by turns esoteric and a no holds barred sensory assault.

Though they come from Gunmma, Tajimi, Nishinomiya, and Tokyo, they coalesced in London. Musically, they channel their country‰۪s legacy of obscure, brain-warping heavy-psych: Les Ralizes Denud̩s, High Rise, Sweet and Honey and Flower Travellin‰۪ Band all traceable beneath their esoteric sound. It‰۪s evident from the place they had all found themselves in their twenties however that they were in the mood for discovery: they regurgitated their tastes in Acid Folk and Noise and hurled them into the electric cataclysm too. Though challenging to process, any cautious, sensible listeners were saved by a weighty dose of Sabbath and Nirvana.