Britta Phillips - Luck Or Magic

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Luck or Magic - debut album by Britta Phillips. Britta, bass guitarist for Luna, has recorded three Dean & Britta albums and scored several films with husband Dean Wareham (Galaxie 500), who plays guitar on this album. She was also the singing voice of 80s cartoon character Jem. Luck or Magic contains five Phillips originals and 5 covers, including first solo releases by Dennis Wilson, Agnetha of ABBA, and Evie Sands, as well as hits by The Cars & Fleetwood Mac.Britta states of the tracks she wrote, ‰ÛÏI suppose the songs deal with love and desire through different personas ‰ÛÓ from coy to cocky, from complete control to total surrender, at times within the same song. I wanted the album to be both earthy and dreamy, and to capture the feel of a few decades without sounding like any particular one. Maybe Luck or Magic sums things up. That was a lyric fragment that jumped out at me one day, because it relates to both love and music for me. I moved to NYC as a teenager to be a ‰Û÷rock star.‰۪ I had a lot of luck, but no magic. That came years later, after I met Dean. I‰۪m lucky I didn‰۪t make a record back then. I wouldn‰۪t like it now.‰۝ Produced by Eric Broucek and Britta Phillips (with additional production by Scott Hardkiss) Britta Phillips: vocals, bass, keys, guitars with Dean Wareham: guitars and Jeff Brodsky, drums.