Can - Ege Bamyasi-Vinyl LP-South

Can - Ege Bamyasi

Following the release of the ‘Can Vinyl Box’, the limited edition box set that consisted of 17 LPs housed in a linen wrapped box, Mute are now proud to release the Can studio albums individually on vinyl.

Released in batches, the first albums in the series to be released are ‘Ege Bamyasi’, ‘Monster Movie’, ‘Soundtracks’ and ‘Tago Mago’.

The albums were mastered and cut to vinyl by Kevin Metcalfe at The Soundmasters, London. Remasters and vinyl processing was coordinated by long time collaborator Jono Podmore.

‘Ege Bamyasi’ is the fourth studio album by Can.
The album contains the single ‘Spoon’, which charted in the Top 10 in Germany and was used as the theme of the German TV series ‘Das Messer’ (The Knife).
‘Ege Bamyasi’ means ‘Aegean Okra’ in Turkish.
Pitchfork featured the record at #19 on its Top 100 Albums Of The 1970s. British music paper Melody Maker wrote “Can are without doubt the most talented and most consistent experimental rock band in Europe, England included.”
Various artists have cited ‘Ege Bamyasi’ as an influence. Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth recalls “It was unlike anything else I was hearing at the time.”

Geoff Barrow of Portishead picked Ege Bamyasi as one of their favourite 13 Albums on The Quietus’ Bakers Dozen series.

‘I’m So Green’ was covered by Beck.

Kanye West sampled from ‘Sing Swan Song’ for his song ‘Drunk And Hot Girls’ on the album ‘Graduation’ and derives many of the song’s lyrics from Damo Suzuki’s vocals.

‘Vitamin C’ can be heard in Pedro Almodóvar’s movie ‘Broken Embraces’.