Comets On Fire - Comets On Fire-LP-South

Comets On Fire - Comets On Fire


The first full-length release by psycho-psych freaks Comets On Fire, available again on vinyl in a newly remastered edition!

Comets On Fire delivers dark and damaged acid rock served in a crude and blown-out speedball of Blue Cheer, High Rise, James Williamson and a shit-faced-drunk Roxyera
Eno. Methamphetamine and Schnapps-drenched lullabies take it straight into the sonic shitstorm, shifting from 4/4 power rock to imploding free form. Echoplex-treated
tales tell of drug-crazed space travelers, graverobbers in love and cosmic cannibals.

The album was recorded on 4-track with the levels in the bloody red in a basement and garage in Santa Cruz, California. Tinkering, mixing and sound manipulation with help from Tim Green (Fucking Champs, Nation of Ulysses).