Crocodiles - Boys

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Crocodiles have always traveled their own particular road of excess; playing, recording, dreaming and scheming in various far-flung corners of the globe. For their fifth album 'Boys', the boys decamped to Mexico City where producer Martin Thulin captured this psych-pop masterpiece. Trashy in some places and beautiful in others, this colourful album sees the band revisiting familiar Crocodilian themes that have earned them worldwide acclaim while also cooking with many new flavors.Take the salsa-punk of tracks like 'Crybaby Demon' or 'Kool TV'; noisy guitars mesh with Latin rhythms to create a new sound that can only be described as "muy chingon!" Beautifully lush soundscapes on 'The Boy Is a Tramp,' 'Don't Look Up' and 'Blue' are sure to seduce the listener. 'Foolin' Around' is a bonkers car-crash of influences, something the punks can do The Hustle to. Crocodiles' bizarro-pop craftsmanship shines brightly on 'Peroxide Hearts,' 'Transylvania' and 'Hard.' 'Boys' is an album for boys and for girls and for boy-girls and mutants, back-alley poets, thieves, space cadets and alien babes, righteous tricksters, sonic deviants, and everything in between. But most of all, 'Boys' is an album for you.
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