Dark Globes - Somewhere To Land

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Southend-on-Sea’s Dark Globes return with their second record, Somewhere To Land, which follows the quietly acclaimed 2017 debut, Everybody I Know Is Falling Apart. 

Since their debut, Chris Richardson has left the country (the band are assured it’s not their fault), and has been replaced by ex-Teenage Fanclub/Mogwai drummer Brendan O’Hare, who has not only contributed two songs here – It’s All Alright and The Duke, along with his hand-drawn album artwork – but also a more propulsive energy, which fans of his former bands will instantly recognise. 

Keeping with the bands collaborative approach, all the songwriting is shared amongst each member – singing the ones they wrote - which gives a more diverse sound than their debut. More noise, more pop, more shoegazing, more everything.

In the preceding few years Dark Globes have played gigs all over the place, to mostly interested audiences, and contributed a Bert Jansch cover to Leigh Folk Festival’s annual compilation. Each member of the band has also kept busy elsewhere – Tom in SiN Music and Sad Sons, Leighton with Milk Boys and his guitar workshop, Brendan with DuRr and exhibiting his artwork, Andrew with Tumbledryer Babies and alongside Richard in Warm Boys.