Dolly Mixture – Remember This: The Singles Collection 1980–1984

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15 track album that compiles all of Dolly Mixture's 7" and 12" released between 1980 and 1984 on Chrysalis, Respond Records, Dead Good Dolly Platters and Cordelia Records. If you bought all five original singles - you'd have no change from 200 pounds. Dolly Mixture sit somewhere between the Shangri-La's and the Go-Go's which appeals to Indie kids, Punks and 60's girl group fans. Dolly Mixture toured with the Undertones, played John Peel's 40th birthday party, recorded a wealth of true pop classics, gave U2 a support-act leg-up, wrote songs for Lena Zavaroni and influenced the whole riot grrrl movement, but floored by on-the-road illness, decooled by Captain Sensible and dismissed as 'the Slits meet the Nolans' by a UK music industry too hung up on black leather hipness.

Track list: 1. Baby It's You 2. New Look Baby 3. Been Teen 4. Honky Honda 5. Ernie Ball 6. Everything And More 7. You And Me On The Sea Shore 8. Remember This 9. Listening Pleasure 10. Borinda's Lament 11. Coriander Let's Cook 12. Welcome Home 13. Dilly Dolly Dally 14. Three O'Clock Rhapsody 15. Dolly Medley