Elton John - The Thom Bell Sessions

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Following a stellar run of smash albums and singles throughout the early-‰Û÷70s, Elton John turned in 1977 to the warm sounds of soul music for his next step. Thom Bell was already a name producer for the ‰Û÷Philly Sound‰۪ and for his work with some of the era‰۪s biggest R&B acts like The Stylistics and the Detroit Spinners. The fruits of their collaboration would not find an official release until 1979 by which time Elton‰۪s ever-restless muse had moved on but the sessions were not destined to languish in obscurity. By the late-‰Û÷90s copies of the original 1979 12‰۝ were changing hands for serious money among house heads and in 2003 Ashley Beedle‰۪s spirited remix of the lead track ‰Û÷Are You Ready For Love‰۪ gave Elton a much-deserved Number 1 single. For Record Store Day 2016 they‰۪re once again available in all their full-length glory on this 2-track vinyl release.