Foxygen - And Star Power

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2013 saw the mercurial success of ‰Û÷21st Century‰۪ the debut Foxygen album.

The quick-fire success made for an altogether turbulent year for the band. Foxygen's always captivating live performances shifted from eruptive to sometimes frightening ‰ÛÓ and then, just put on ice altogether .
But Sam France and Rado found secret sanctuary in their new studio, Dream Star, and holing up in some of LA's most famous hotels for more recording. Writing music together is what their friendship has always thrived upon. At Dream Star in the northernmost passage of LA's valley, they reformed as a punk band called Star Power.

And the result, the svelte, 82-minute ‰Û÷...And Star Power‰۪, is a morphing, splice-and-paste journey through soft rock indulgences, psych-ward folk, cartoon fantasia, D&D doomrock, and paranoid bathroom rompers.