Frank Zappa - Joe's Garage

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Triple 180 Gram Vinyl Set. The central scrutinizer is out to protect you from the harmful effects of that horrible force called music. Such is the premise of Joe's Garage, Frank Zappa's three-act concept album which explores the world of groupies, governments, sex toys, and catholic school girls. As always, Zappa's aim is true and his scope wide, following Joe (voiced by his long-time co-conspirator, Ike Willis) as he starts a band, loses his girl, falls in love with a robot, and tries to find his true place in society. Filled with catchy classics (Catholic Girls and Crew Slut) and blazing guitar work (Keep it Greasy, Watermleon in Easter Hay), this is the sort of schmorgasbord of imagination and artistry that only Zappa could produce.