Fraser A. Gorman - Book Of Love

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Limited 7" on Marathon Artists. 'Book of Love' is one of those groovy ear-worms that never lets go. 'Book of Love' builds around Gorman's wry charm and offbeat storytelling. The song paints a droll and ironic picture of love in transition, where bold statements of commitment are followed quickly by tongue-in-cheek asides. Musically, the song takes a sly sidestep away from the country-folk of Gorman's previous releases; it's still steeped in Americana, but it's more 'Transformer'-era Lou this time: a mix of whirling organs, loping bass-lines and a joyous, all-girl soul choir that kicks in perfectly with the chorus. This broad palette brings out Gorman's role as curator as well as songwriter - the song is played by a stellar line-up including Davey Lane (You Am I), Stu Mackenzie (King Gizzard), and Jared Brown and James Fleming (Eagle and the Worm). And those honeyed doo-wop backing vocals come from the immensely talented women from Harmony - Erica, Amanda and Quinn - and Sara, from Jimmy Tait.