Gonjasufi - Callus

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‰Û÷Callus‰۪ is Gonjasufi‰۪s third album for Warp Records, the most challenging and raw recording of his career. Across nineteen tracks, created during the last five years and in three studios across two US states, Gonjasufi exposes the scars of a lifetime, digging beneath the surface coat of a callus to strike nerves and expose his reality.

If the earliest Gonjasufi records suggested obstacles to overcome, the scowling violin drone and electronically mangled vocals of ‰Û÷Poltergeist‰۪ and colossal riff and crushing rhythm of ‰Û÷The Kill‰۪ make it clear that he‰۪s now facing them, without fear or hesitation.

During ‰Û÷Maniac Depressant‰۪ he lashes out like some industrial warrior, his screams charging against gnarled guitar. Over the big, head-rattling beat of ‰Û÷The Conspiracy‰۪ he rejects the complacence of unquestioned belief systems.

CD presented in 6 panel digipack.

2LP with black paper inners in gatefold sleeve with

download card.