Gwenno - Le Kov

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Written entirely in Cornish, ‘Le Kov’ is exploration of the individual and collective subconscious, the myths and drolls of Cornwall and the survival of Britain’s lesser known Brythonic language. As one of the language’s few fluent speakers, Gwenno felt a duty to make her second album entirely in Cornish: to create a document of a living language, explore her identity and the endless creative possibilities of a tongue that has a very small surviving artistic output, despite having been around for at least 15 centuries.
Gwenno has created alongside longterm collaborator and producer Rhys Edwards. Evoking the music of her childhood - Brenda Wootton, Alan Stivell, BUCCA - along with Broadcast, The United States Of America, White Noise and Serge Gainsbourg. It’s a huge step up from her debut album, ‘Y Dydd Olaf’. “This album is a combination of accepting the culture which your parents have valued enough to want to pass on to you, regardless how small, and utilising it in a positive way to try and make sense of the world around you, it’s also about having to accept and respect the nuances that make us all different and discovering that all of our stories share the same truth.”
“This is music that the listener can plunge into and summon up her own images and sense from.” - Drowned in Sound on ‘Y Dydd Olaf’.

Available on light blue vinyl, includes digital download code.