Jane Weaver - The Silver Globe

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Jane Weaver's new self produced synth driven album 'The Silver Globe' was made with a wide cast of global collaborators such as soundtrack composer David Holmes, Andy Votel with extra music from Australian prog legends Cybotron. Working as an omnipresent pop figure in her genuinely independent micro-industry JaneåÊ is a rare example of a passionate and resilient Northern female artist who re-creates, re-invents and refreshes where many others come and go. Wearing her penchants for French wave, cosmic Deutch rock and European fantasy films on both of her sequinned sleeves Jane's 5th studio album ( released through her own musical Woman's Institute imprint Bird Records) follows the highest critical acclaim for her previous self funded album 'The Fallen By Watchbird', a project that bought together the unlikely coupling of artists like Wendy and Bonnie, Demdike Stare and The Focus Group. This year Jane's new brand of motoric cold-funk and technicolour domestic synth flourishes unite 10 new conceptual pop songs about power-plant fun-fairs, sci-fi education centres and post-apocalyptic love affairs while her characteristic gossamer vocals cross octaves to theatrical deft effect.