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Previously JJ have been almost anonymous - few live shows and short missives with little information. The music spoke for itself. A Pitchfork Best New Music for debut album ‰Û÷jj no. 2‰۪ and rave reviews for the follow up ‰Û÷jj no. 3‰۪ but almost radio silence since, save for a couple of mixtapes and one single.

Now, evidently at the top of their game with ‰Û÷V‰۪, JJ are ready to - in the band‰۪s Joakim Benon‰۪s words - ‰ÛÏcommunicate with the world,‰۝ quite unlike they‰۪ve ever done so before.

From the initial announce of this record (with one of the best trailers of 2014), the music world has been anticipating this release. Sure to be one of the most buzzed about records of the summer.

Available on CD and LP.

The vinyl format is limited to 250 copies on blackåÊvinyl.

A limited edition coloured vinyl version (250 copies for the UK & Eire) is also available, exclusively to independent retailers.åÊ