Joe Gibbs - Dub Serial

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Excellent re-press of a long lost dub set, the first Joe Gibbs dub album in fact, originally issued circa 1973 alongside other classic early dub sets including Lee Perry’s Black Board Jungle and Rhythm Shower, Aquarius Dub, Java Dub, Prince Buster’s The Message, Dubwise and others. 

Virtually unheard since that time, it’s a dub head’s dream come true, with early raw drum and bass cuts to Gibbs’s cut of ‘Satta Massagana’, ‘Love Me Girl’, ‘Money In My Pocket’ and the killer cut ‘He Prayed’ used by Big Youth for his Foreman Vs Frasier. Spare on the effects, just a bit of echo and reverb and a couple of vicious tape rewinds, similar to the first African Dub chapter. Hitherto ultra-rare this is an important part of the reggae jigsaw slotted into place at last.