John Wesley Coleman - The Love That You Own

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True Rock N Roll Original Slacker Pop Masterpiece From The Heart Of Texas! CD Digipack / Deluxe LP tip-on jacket w/ DL. Incredible American Rock N Roll Hits Outta Austin, Texas!!! Highly Recommended For Rock N Rollers!!! John Wesley Coleman continues his mad rampage though country-hiccupped, psychedelic garage rock. Coleman is in fine, demented voice, yelping and yodeling and warbling above an unruly racket of guitars and organs. He fairly vibrates with feeling as he negotiates songs about the dangerous side of love‰Û_ Coleman veers all over the place, his voice full of eddies and backwashes and bubbles, and you keep expecting him to lose the thread, but he doesn‰۪t.

Track listing : 1 I Wish The Night To Be A Lot Longer 2 The Love That You Own 3 Hanging With The Band 4 Lizz Hitt Queen of the Midwestern Punk Rock World 5 Our Love Is Blind 6 The Well 7 Love Drinks 8 Thief 9 Money In My Pocket 10 Looking For The Same Thing (Silver Jeans)

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