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Known for her prolific songwriting and soundcloud posting Rose Keeler-Schffelers debut album features eighteen powerfully but economically packed tracks, cherry picked from her vast repertoire. Keel Hers songs are intimate vignettes drawn from Roses own experiences delivered in a chatty, honest and delightfully conversational manner. Guitars and synths vie for melodic prominence over vast swathes of fuzz and feedback, where Roses indecipherable vocals swim amongst buzzing melodies, swampy reverb and broken beats. åÊAlthough much of her sound and aesthetic harks back to 90s slacker culture, the variety of styles she has absorbed makes it harder to specifically pinpoint her sound. Veering sonically from Beat Happening to Ariel Pink, Wavves to Bikini Kill, Real Estate to Guided By Voices and all the way back again, it wasnt long before her bedroom pop reached the ears of home recording supremo R. Stevie Moore. The R Stevie Moore collaboration started when Rose wrote a song for him called Robert. He was won over and they recorded the double A-side single 'Boner Hit' / 'With Me Tonight'.