Kendra Morris - Babble

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This is the first ever reissue of Babble since Kendra put it out herself in 2016! Features 3 bonus tracks. Brand new artwork, inspired by the original collages. Follows the release of her Karma Chief debut Nine Lives. Kendra has collaborated with MF Doom, Czarface, Ghostface Killah, Dennis Coffey, and more. The word Babble brings two things to mind: A person pouring out their thoughts with reckless abandon, or a gentle sound coming from water cascading over rocks as it flows past. In the case of this reissue from Kendra Morris, Babble is a sublime melding of these two meanings. The original release in 2016 came in the form of a self-released EP. A fan cult favorite; it has now grown to include three additional tracks: Playing Games, Dial Back and Ride On. The journey through human emotion is accomplished through Kendra's songs, bringing us, the listeners, into her enchanted world of pain and strength, feeling renewed on the other side. The ability to take trepidation, desire, and insecurities and turn them into comfort and make you want to get up and move with them is a selfless gift she grants to us. With the support of Karma Chief Records (A division of Colemine Records), Babble is getting the official release it deserves.

For Fans Of... Lady Wray, Amy Winehouse, Alice Russell, Sharon Jones.

Available on gold swirl coloured vinyl