King Khan & BBQ Show - Bad News Boys

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After a five-year hiatus, rock ‰۪n‰۪ roll‰۪s renegade-angel savior The King KhanåÊ& BBQ Show returns with a brand new album of high-energy, low-browåÊrockers!

Known as the hottest duo from Montreal to come out of Berlin, the KingåÊKhan & BBQ Show is dirty, funny, irreverent and always a good time. TheiråÊraw, stripped-down mix of doo-wop, early rock ‰۪n‰۪ roll, soul and punk isåÊdrenched in pure energy. Known to their mothers as King Khan and MarkåÊSultan, these guys make this stuff sound simple, but make no mistake‰ÛÓitåÊtakes serious talent as well as balls to pull this off.åÊBad News Boys takes its title from the original moniker the duo gave themselvesåÊwhen they first started over ten years ago. They recently threatened toåÊrevert to this name before deciding that it might make things too confusing.åÊBad News Boys serves twelve sizzling slabs‰ÛÓfrom the beautifully soulfulåʉÛÏBuy Bye Bhai‰۝ to the juvenile and obnoxious ‰ÛÏD.F.O.‰۝ (which stands foråʉÛÏDiarrhea Fuck Off‰۝)‰ÛÓwith all the rocking lunacy that their legion of fansåÊhas come to expect.

In their storied, sordid career, these guys have endured a roller-coaster ofåÊsuccesses, trials and tribulations that would‰۪ve buried lesser men: They‰۪veåÊplayed with some of the coolest names in rock. Their relentless touringåÊschedule has included countries where few bands venture. They‰۪ve beenåÊkicked off tours. They‰۪ve headlined and sold out some of the most prestigiousåÊvenues in the world. They‰۪ve played some of the worst dumps imaginable.åÊThey‰۪ve been busted and jailed for shrooms mid-tour. They were handpickedåÊby Lou Reed to play the All Tomorrow‰۪s Parties festival. They wereåÊejected from the All Tomorrow‰۪s Parties festival. They‰۪ve suffered mentalåÊand physical exhaustion. They‰۪ve enjoyed dizzying highs and suffered crushingåÊlows. They‰۪ve broken up. They‰۪ve gotten back together. Through it all,
they continually make incredible and real rock ‰۪n‰۪ roll music like no oneåÊelse, always with smiles on their faces, always with middle fingers held high.