Laraaji - Sun Gong

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Clear Vinyl with Download. Celestial music practitioner Laraaji'såÊSun GongåÊfinds his experiments with gong microtonalities being processed with all manner of electronic effects to create a deeply moving suite of vast glacial waves, the perfect nighttime eclipse to hisåÊBring On The SunåÊalbum. WhereåÊBring On The SunåÊdraws you into its uniquely warm world of swirling new age meditations,åÊSun GongåÊcarries a more avant-garde edge to its radiation. The two tracks slowly evolve from the ricocheting swells of Laraaji's gong brushes to form the sort of dronal escapism, a maze of sleep paralysis induced calmness that recalls the work of Aaron Dilloway, Delia Derbyshire and Asher Levitas. Needless to say, we haven't ever heard this side of Laraaji before, a stunning album that bends time into new shapes, pushing it up over and deep into the frozen sea of shimmering metallic ambience.