Led Zeppelin - IV-CD-South

Led Zeppelin - IV


Zep’s fourth and fifth albums will be available in multiple formats including 2CD and deluxe edition vinyl. Both records have been remastered by Jimmy Page and will each feature a second disc of unreleased tracks alongside the retooled, ‘negative’ cover artwork.

Unheard versions of every song on Led Zeppelin IV will be included on the album’s bonus disc, including alternate mixes of Four Sticks, Misty Mountain Hop, The Battle Of Evermore, Going To California and Stairway To Heaven. Meanwhile, Houses Of The Holy will feature rough mixes of The Ocean, Dancing Days and No Quarter alongside a piano-less version of The Rain Song and the guitar mix backing track for Over The Hills And Far Away.

Led Zeppelin IV and Houses Of The Holy will be available via Atlantic/Swan Song on October 27.

For the full tracklistings, head over to ledzeppelin.com.