Linda Perhacs - The Soul Of All Natural Things

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Like Vashti Bunyan before her, Linda Perhacs is a long-lost folk musician unearthed by the next generation to make one more album in her twilight years. A New Ager and dental hygienist from California, her 1970 album 'Parallelograms' is eerily unique and a deserved cult classic. 44 Years later, 'The Soul of all Natural Things' was recorded in California with two local musicians and songwriters, and featuring collaborations with Julia Holter and Ramona Gonzales (Nite Jewel). The old magic is audible on 'Freely', with its simple, circling acoustic guitar and her ghostly tones at their most beguiling, and 'Prisms of Glass', on which overlapping voices build to make something strange and beautiful. This record is destined to become one of the most loved records of the year.