Mayhem - Out From The Dark

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The 1989 ‘Out From The Dark’ rehearsal release, featuring the iconic &

classic mayhem line-up. Now reissued on the vinyl format 30 years after
the rehearsal took place, with cover artwork featuring vocalist, Dead.

‘Out from the Dark’ features a rare & ferocious rehearsal from the Mayhem
archive which was recorded back in 1989 and is a chance to hear tracks from
the quartet’s early years in all their raw and brutal glory, including classics such
as ‘Freezing Moon’, ‘Funeral Fog’ & ‘Deathcrush’. The band would embark
upon a serious of live shows in Norway and Germany the following year which
would eventually go down in black metal legend, with those recordings also
now immortalised.

Tracks: Deathcrush / Chainsaw Gutsfuck / Necrolust / Pure Fucking Armageddon / Carnage / Funeral Fog / Freezing Moon / Buried By Time And Dust