McCarthy - The Enraged Will Inherit The Earth

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This limited edition set contains the original LP plus a 10 track bonus LP and a bonus 7” with 2 previously unreleased tracks.

Remastered and pressed on colour vinyl with a reworked sleeve by original designer Andy Royston.

Including the singles Boy Meets Girl, So What; Should The Bible Be Banned; Keep An Open Mind Or Else & This Nelson Rockerfeller. 

Originally released in 1989. The Enraged Will Inherit the Earth is a musical molotov cocktail that’s a mixture of power chords and virile, virtuous lyrics.

The songwriting is tightly forged and their knack for producing raw pop is at its finest here. The Enraged Will Inherit The Earth is a powerful weapon that didn’t get enough of a user base to make its intended impact. If the question was ever proposed, “can art be a weapon?” I think this album answers with a bold and resounding “yes.”


A1  Boy Meets Girl So What A2 Governing Takes Brains A3  An Address To The Better Off  A4  Hands Off Or Die A5  What Our Boys Are Fighting For B1  Keep An Open Mind Or Else B2  We Are All Born Creeps B3  The Home Secretary Briefs The Forces Of Law And Order B4  I’m Not A Patriot But B5  Throw Him Out He’s Breaking My Heart .


A1 Should The Bible Be Banned A2 St Francis Among The Mortals A3 The Myth Of The North-South Divide A4  We Are All Bourgeois Now A5 Two Criminal Points Of View B1 This Nelson Rockefeller B2  The New Left Review #1 B3  The Lion Will Lie Down With The Lamb B4 All Your Questions Answered B5 The New Left Review #2


Side 1: Who Will Rid Me Of These Turbulent Proles?

Side 2: You Had To Go And Open Your Big Mouth

'Living Marxism meets The Byrds on this LP by Stereolab co-founder's first band' - Uncut