Monster Magnet - Test Patterns Vol.1

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The original line up of Monster Magnet are pleased to announce a new album 'Test Patterns: Vol. 1' on God Unknown Records. It will be on 180gm black vinyl and housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve, with acid blotter insert. The track Tab was originally released back in 1991. This is a 2021 mix of the original track and the never before released 1988 demo version, with both tracks being over 24 minutes each. It's viewed as an influential track with psychedelic / heavy psych / space rock and stoner rock fans and will sit nicely alongside Sleep's 'Dopesmoker'. Julian Cope described the original release as distilling Hawkwind, Sabbath and The Stooges into a lysergic soup of brown acid and bathtub meth, and ultimately cultivating a “Altamont vibe”; that is, the negative end of the psychedelic spectrum. Get ready for lift off! Hail the BULLGOD