Nick Nicely - Sleep Safari

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"Sleep Safari" is the new album of the indie electronics artist Nick Nicely.

Already the first single "Ghostdream", published in May 2017 and on BBC 6 full "Euphoria" as "absolutely gorgeous" judged, lets foreshadow that the psych legend Nick Nicely has made itself to new shores.åÊWith the album "Sleep Safari" he penetrates deeper than before into the realm of electronics, without losing his psychedelic research.åÊHe succeeds in a unique contrast in pop music.åÊAt the same time, "Sleep Safari" also brings back surprising twists, melodic new creations and abstractions, so everything that the audience loved about Nick's earlier releases at Captured Tracks, Cherry Red, EMI and Burger Records.åÊThis year, with the success of Ghostdream, the new album and numerous concerts, as well as Nick's first Hollywood soundtrack, is likely to be a big one.

It is by no means the first time that Nick dared to look behind the facade of electronics, from the early electro-psych fantasies like "DCT Dreams" or "Hilly Fields" to his highly acclaimed second album, the 2014, spooky -monumental "space of a second".åÊ"Utterly remarkable ... profoundly psychedelic" wrote Clash Magazine.

And now, Wallpaper Records proudly presents the latest stage of Nick Nicely's sound journey in all formats.åÊ"Sleep Safari" is an homage to the unconscious and explores the mysteries of sleep in a lyrical way as well as with a surrealistic look.åÊOpen the album with the line "3 am, you wake up, the dream begins".åÊSuddenly you are under water, the soul holds your breath ... and goes on "Sleep Safari".