Plaid - Feorm Falorx

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On the cusp of their 30th year with Warp, now is the time to reflect on the important presence of Plaid, aka Ed Handley and Andy Turner. An institution since the late 80s, they are monumental cornerstones for any self-respecting electronic music fan; mainly as Plaid, but also under aliases including The Black Dog and Balil - not to mention their work with Bjork.

Playful and wondrous, their 11th album, ‘Feorm Falorx’, is generally gentler than the dark angularity of its predecessor, ‘Polymer’, but it’s no less deep, and maintains the melodicism for which they’re loved.

‘Feorm Falorx’ is based around the idea of an infinite festival called Feorm on the planet Falorx. The band are transported to play the festival and have to be turned into light because of the planet’s atmosphere.

Plaid have been signed to warp for 30 years under different guises, including The Black Dog. They signed to Warp in 1997 as Plaid.

LP in printed inner sleeve in 3mm spine outer sleeve in screen printed transparent wallet with digital download code.