Soldiers Of Fortune - Early Risers

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Soldiers of Fortune bill themselves as an 'anti-band,' but despite an aversion to touring or frequent releases, they now release a full-length album for Mexican Summer. 'Early Risers' features a number of notable contributors. Soldiers of Fortune were assembled way back in 2004 by Brad Truax, a touring bassist with Interpol and Spiritualized. The core lineup on Early Risers includes Kid Millions (Man Forever, Oneida), Barry London (Oneida), Matt Sweeney (Chavez, Zwan, Skunk), Jesper Eklow (Endless Boogie), Mike Bones and Papa Crazee (Oakley Hall, formerly of Oneida). Contributing vocalists include Stephen Malkmus, Cass McCombs, Ethan Miller (Howlin' Rain, Comets on Fire), Dan Melchior and more. The album rocks hard with groove, soul and a real edge. In parts it sounds like a Black Sabbath album played at 45rpm whilst in others Phil Lynott fronting a Southern rock boogie band from the early 70's.
LP - limited Edition of 1200 copies with Download.