Spectrum & Silver Apples - A Lake Of Teardrops

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"Pete Kember a.k.a. Sonic Boom of Spectrum worked with the seminal '60s act Silver Apples on a six track mini album originally released by Space Age Recordings in 1998. Having been out of print for many years now a limited re-pressing of 500 copies will be available. From the opening surging waves of 'Streams Of Sorrow' with its controlled chaos and intoxicating vocals, through 'The Edge's' mesmerizing monotone backing to Simeon's '90s beat poetry -- like Allen Ginsberg reincarnated into his most abstract nightmare, 'Whirlwind' with its plaintive vocals and warped ambience held together by a trademark Sonic Boom drone pattern, to '(I Don't Care if You) Never Come Back's' almost industrial-tribal percussion, fleshed out by those unique Silver Apples oscillations and Spectrum's ever present sense of wayward genius. A Lake Of Teardrops is a spellbinding trip into the minds of two of the finest experimental composers ever."