Superorganism - World Wide Pop

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‘World Wide Pop’, out on Domino, blasts back with thirteen tracks that strike a balance between artifice and earnestness, between sci-fi silliness and existential intensity. A showcase for Superorganism’s newly deepened understanding of each other’s interests and impulses, the kind of creative convergence you’d expect when online friends start spending time together IRL (their debut was completed before the whole band had ever been in the same room at the same time).

Superorganism have mutated and are now based around the core of Orono, Harry, Tucan, B and Soul but ‘World Wide Pop’ also brings in an international set of collaborators including Stephen Malkmus, CHAI, Pi Ja Ma and Dylan Cartlidge, as well as legendary musician and actor Gen Hoshino.

Available to independent retailers on gold vinyl into black poly- lined inner sleeve into gatefold outer sleeve and shared 4-page booklet with digital download card.