The Incredible String Band - The Incredible String Band

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The Incredible String Band is the debut album by the Folk band of the same name, released in 1966. It is the only one of the band's albums to feature the original trio line-up with Clive Palmer as well as Robin Williamson and Mike Heron.

They recorded the album at the Sound Techniques studio in Chelsea, London in one afternoon in May 1966, with Joe Boyd as producer. Boyd insisted on focusing on the group's own self-written material, rather than the traditional songs and tunes which they had also been performing, and with each performer singing his own material.

The album showcased the trio's abilities on a variety of instruments, although the instrumentation is relatively orthodox compared to the band's later work. All three members played guitar and sang, with Palmer also playing banjo and kazoo and Williamson playing mandolin, banjo, tin whistle and fiddle/violin.