The Real Tuesday Weld - Dreams

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"The Young Ones' Flaming Lips meet Jacques Brel in a pean to lost youth, 'Comme dans un Reve' Dream bossa chanson a la Gainsbourg/ Birkin. ‘Dreams’ is the second of the final trilogy of albums by critical darlings The Real Tuesday Weld following last year's acclaimed noir-themed ‘Blood'. This collection references late sixties songwriting a la Lee Hazlewood, Jimmy Webb and Burt Bacharach with nods to Flaming Lips and Tin Pan Alley, all mixed up with hazy lo-fi electronica, ghostly atmospherics and cinematic instrumentals. Guest vocalists A Girl Called Eddy, Sephine Llo and Oriana Curls provide a counterpoint to main man Stephen Coates' Gainsbourg-like crooning. Continuing the band's long preoccupation with dreams, the songs were written in the early morning or late evening on 'either side' of sleep: ‘I’d rise super early and go straight to it with the emotion of the night’s imaginings still heavy on me or work in that strange space-time just before sleep claims us”. The album is sequenced in an approximation of a life, from youth to age, with the band’s perennial focus on London, love, the English landscape and time passing. ‘Bone Dreams Blood’ in particular is a sonic memorial to friends loved and lost in the life of London.

"beautiful...giddily recalls Gainsbourg, Pulp, Cole Porter, early Disney soundtracks and  seedy postwar revue bars"  SUNDAY TIMES // "Utterly unique, utterly delightful"  THE TELEGRAPH // "These heart-pricking songs speak to us all"  WORD // 'Utterly decadent and darkly humorous' TIME OUT LONDON // 'Superbly atmospheric' UNCUT

Available on limited edition translucent gold vinyl