The Space Lady & Burnt Ones - Split

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Announcing a totally far-out split release from unexpectedåÊcorners: fave Hoosier-via-SF tripper transplants BurntåÊOnes sweet-talked the one and only Space Lady into aåÊsharing an album, and the results are magical. åÊIn her inimitable style The Space Lady sparkles throughåʉÛÏAcross the Universe,‰۝ ‰ÛÏStarman,‰۝ a brand-new originalåÊcalled ‰ÛÏThe Next Right Thing‰۝ and an achingly elegaicåʉÛÏSomewhere Over the Rainbow.‰۝ These beautiful tunes areåÊwonderful additions to her lovely repertoire.åÊFor their half, Burnt Ones mellow down their sound,åÊcrafting a warm cocoon on two kaliedoscopic creepers,åÊpeaking just a little with a floweringly spaced-out versionåÊof the Space Lady‰۪s greatest hit, ‰ÛÏSynthesize Me,‰۝ and closingåÊwith another druggy lullaby. åÊIt‰۪s sweet and mellow ride through both sides and it‰۪s outåÊon Castle Face Records.