The Vaselines - V For Vaselines

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There's that sound again, that Vaselines sound: a winsome sweetness, a touch of melancholy and a lithe, libidinous drive that recalls all the best, coolest rock and roll. Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee's voices intertwine in that ineffable way they have, a sort of highland Nancy 'n' Lee. And those songs: joyous slices of classic pop songwriting brimming with heart and wit. But on their new album V for Vaselines, the guitars are bigger and fuzzier, the beats hit harder and tighter, and the whole affair bursts with punky energy. The opener 'High Tide Low Tide' announces what 'V for Vaselines' is all about: upbeat, catchy and loud, it grabs you by the collar and gets you up to dance but it packs a mature punch.
‰ÛÜLP - Limited Red Vinyl.