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THE YOUTH want to be suited and booted, to spit out contagious rock‰۪n‰۪roll music and sweat their asses off. With their heads held high, bodies fully loaded with energy, carrying a craving for simple, unpolished elegance, they want to play songs that anyone can understand, a beat that everyone can fall in love with, riffs that all can sing along to, and a groove that everyone can feel. The Youth want to bring sixties sounds back into teenage bedrooms ‰ÛÒ where it belongs. The Youth formed a couple of years ago in Copenhagen when four friends decided to combine their shared passion for blues, garage-rock, rhythm‰۪n‰۪blues and beat music. They have already made a name for themselves in their native Denmark, attracting a Beatles-style mob of screaming girls whenever they appear live. A limited edition seven inch single was released earlier this year, which quickly sold out, causing considerable anticipation for this, their debut album.

Recorded at the esteemed Estudios Circo Perrotti in GijÌ_n, Spain, while taking a ‰ÛÏbreak‰۝ from a European tour in which they took newcomers in the audience by surprise with their pure energy and the spontaneity of their live shows. How they came to record at Circo Perrotti is a story in itself. Drummer boy Sune, inspired by the magic art of brewing at a festival in Italy, rationally chose to go sightåÂseeing around the site, stacked and packed with beverages in both hands. While on this adventure, he acquainted himself with a good many beautiful people. However, tired from so much walking and in desperate need of a nap, he happened upon a gorgeous old Moto Guzzi Ambassador V7 motorcycle. And, as all drummers would naturally do, he figured this was an ideal place to sleep. Upon being woken by a Spanish speaking gentleman he discovered he was in the presence of no other than the former king of Asturias, Jorge Mu̱oz-Cobo Gonzales, nowadays owner of the famed Circo Perotti studios. It was as though it were a sign sent from heaven: this saviour in royal form had been sent on a mission to assist The Youth. The two of them began conversing and, with growing mutual admiration and understanding, they came to the conclusion that they should seek refreshments and discuss Sune‰۪s burning desire to make a record. And so they did!