Ubiquitous Meh! - Songs Wrought Wrong / Fecund With Love

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Starting out as an organ and drum machine solo project for Luke Richards, Ubiquitous Meh! are now a fully-fledged band.

Self-described as ‘Cult post-something organ jams for fans of Young Marble Giants / Dead Moon / the Stranglers’, they still only record to 4-track and still only do seven song records, pushing the old Hohner into every corner of the experimental pop landscape.

“Vintage synth wizardry... a nostalgic evocation of late-1970s electronic experimentalism.” - Electronic Sound

“Reminds me of the kind of post-punk indie releases John Peel would introduce on his radio show around 1979-80... entertaining and intriguing at the same time.” - Fear and Loathing

“There’s a unique, underground beauty lurking within it.” - The PRSD

“Hooky as hell, mysterious and prudently brilliant.” - HiveMind