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Ultimate Painting consists of Veronica Falls member James Hoare and Jack Cooper of Mazes who teamed up when their bands were touring together, named themselves after a piece of art by 1960s desert community / dome builders 'Drop City' and split the song-writing tasks equally between them. The album is full of beautiful yet simple guitar work, pounding heartfelt, heartbeat drums, gently chiming harmonies, creeping cyclical chords chugging and jangling melding into a summer of love guitar freakout. In a summery farwell now autumn's finally hit you need something of the distant sun with it's hazy sunshine, gently blowing meadows, cool sunglasses and lemonade and whiskey in the park 60's harmonious beat-pop meets drop-out drone pop to take away any winter in your heart with a dance along, clap along, hari krishna stomp. For fans of Velvet Underground, Modern Lovers, Moldy Peaches, Ruttles, Pavement, Lou Reed, Beck, Belle and Sebastian etc.